The word "Apto" is a declension of the latin "aptus", which means "adapted". And this explains everything : we strive to make accessories with a simple design yet clever and modular concepts, adapting to men's modern lifestyle.

apto logo embossing on leather


We are Victor, Charles-Antoine and Mathieu, 3 french entrepreneurs 
with complementary skills, and driven by the same passion. But most of all, we are united by a solid friendship. Apto is born out of our common desire find a harmonious compromise between mainstream and luxury brands, mixing both beauty and functionality but to an affordable price. This is why we always strive for the perfect balance between functional innovation and authentic style, supplying high quality products with a touch of the unexpected.

team Apto


We create and design our products within our offices in Paris. They are then manufactured in Hong-Kong, within a middle-sized factory with a strong craftsmanship and an efficient prototyping team, that helped us reach the harmony between functionality and quality we always strived for.

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